Living Without AV Video

It’s cold and snowstorms outside Tokyo. I am born and raised in Tokyo, so there is almost no feeling that snow falls as usual in winter or snowstorm.

I think it was February last year, but there was a lot of heavy snowfall in Tokyo. It was a very shocking event. Snow has fallen like that because I’ve only seen it on ski resorts and trips. Because it was Saturday, I was watching the snowy night view from the apartment because the company was closed.

See the snow scene in a warm room, and in Tokyo. I felt very mysterious. But then there is nothing to do. In other words, I was watching av videos online. I remember well that day, the internet was so heavy that I couldn’t download the videos, and the free-viewing videos were stuck.

Everyone did not have to do with snow, so I was wondering if I was watching av videos at home. In the old days, there was no internet, so I couldn’t have killed this time. What did you do? I can’t imagine living without av videos.