Swimming Pools And The Benefits of Above Ground Fiberglass

Choosing a swimming pool for your family can be a complicated process. Right off the bat there are a number of types of pools to choose from – do you go for an inground pool or an above ground swimming pool? Do you want an indoor pool or an outdoor pool? What material should it be made out of? Fiberglass or a different material?

This article will cover the basics about above-ground swimming pools and will hopefully answer some of your questions so you can narrow down your search for the perfect family oasis.

What could be better than lounging next to your own pool in the middle of the summer heat? When you add one to your home you can choose exactly the right type for you and your family. Have small kids? Choose a shallow pool designed for children. Plan on having lots of pool parties? More and more, large, deep pools are coming on the market. There is no doubt that having your own swimming pool is a true luxury in the summer months.

Above ground pools have a wide variety of designs available – although most are either oval or round in shape. A few rectangular options are available but at a much higher cost. Options you can choose from include overall size, depth and material.

Above ground swimming pools are much less expensive than their inground counterparts. For a basic above ground swimming pool expect to pay $500 and up. For a higher quality above-ground swimming pool prices can start at $1500 or more. When shopping for any major home-improvement product however, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Research brands carefully and look for an above ground swimming pool that offers a good warranty and a long company history. One thing to keep in mind though is that having a pool can add to the value of your home when you go to sell it.

All swimming pools require maintenance. Swimming pools can be one of the more expensive repairs sited during a home inspection. To avoid costly repairs, make sure to sanitize your pool with a chlorine product, use an algae inhibitor and replace your pumps on a regular basis – at least every 7 years or following the manufacturers guidelines.

When planning the addition of a pool to your home, think carefully of how you will use it and how much time you are willing to spend to maintain it. The clearer you can be with your goals, the more successful you will be in choosing the right above ground swimming pool for you and your family.